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Silent Night by IvannaDark
Silent Night
:moonandstars: Many thanks for all superb, wonderful stocks!!!:moonandstars:… - Night Town
:iconapsara-stock: Photographer : Kazimierz-Olszewski - Model
:iconaarizvi: - Crescent Moon Necklace
:iconroys-art: - Headpiece
:iconlabyr1nth: - Moon
:iconlyshastra: - Stars
:iconfalln-stock: - Veil Brushes
:iconninjarabbit-stock: - BG
:iconnathies-stock: - Dust Brushes
clouds -  can't remember... the same here:…
Использовала ту же модель  с частично отрисованным лицом, поскольку в прошлой работе пришлось сильно ужать её. Жаль стало, что деталей практически не видно даже на полном размере. Да и и изначально планировалось применить именно эту фотографию для реализации давней идеи)
:heartofgold: .:Mini moon n star:. :iconthankiesforfavplz:.:Mini moon n star:.:heartofgold: 
Whispers in the Night by IvannaDark
Whispers in the Night
White butterfly bullet:lightblueheart: Thank you so much for all fabulous, great stocks!!!:lightblueheart:White butterfly bullet… - BG
:iconapsara-stock: Photographer : Kazimierz-Olszewski - Model
:iconlabyr1nth: - Moon
:iconlumpi69: - Owl
:iconaarizvi: - Crescent Moon Necklace
:iconglennclovis: - Sparkles
:iconcnstock: - Moth 1
:iconparanoidfreaksstock: - Moth 2
:iconvioletskunk: - Moth 3
:iconatigerschild: - Moth 4
:icononesmallsquare: - Moth 5
Other Moths - from lenagold
Custom heart [Crystal Blue]Commission for greenafire - Plz account  Custom heart [Crystal Blue] 
Conjuration by IvannaDark
Blue Heart Crystalwizard  Thank you so much for all magnificent, wonderful stocks!!!wizard Blue Heart Crystal 
:iconrubi-06: - Room
:iconatistatplay: - Model
:iconmargarita-morrigan: - Cat
:iconpyonpyon: - Book
:iconisbrealiomcaifestock: isbrealiomcaifestock.deviantar… isbrealiomcaifestock.deviantar… - Potion 1,2 - Potion 3
:iconchop-stock: - Potion 4
:iconivaxxx: - Fire
:iconarnatornwolf: - Magical Fungi
:iconelandria:… - Bookcase
:iconmorbid-sheep: -Magical  light 
:iconwolfc-stock:… - mortar and pestle
:iconredheadstock: - Light beams
Bottles with potion and books -  from lenagold Smoke - painted by me. Night sky - my own. Window - can't remember, since I beginning to do this work a 1.5 years ago)
I have some problems with my laptop. So I rarely create something new now...
Heart love icon  Thank you for the fav! Heart love icon 
May by IvannaDark
Gold Butterfly Forget-me-not  Thank you so much for all superb stocks!!!Forget-me-notGold Butterfly 
:iconlifeblue: - BG
:iconmargaritamorrigan: - Floral wreath, part of dress
:iconroys-art: - Butterflies
:icontwifanclub: - Bokeh 1
:iconmifti-stock: - Bokeh 2
Jewelry and flower bouquet from lenagold

MysterySkkullsGHOST heartl-emoticon  Thank you for the fav! MysterySkkullsGHOST heartl-emoticon 
  Magus by IvannaDark
Sparkle 07 Pixel gemstones - Ametyst Thank you so much for all fabulous, magnificent stocks! Pixel gemstones - Ametyst Sparkle 07 

:iconpeams-stock: - BG
:iconatistatplay: - Model
:iconaloschafix: - Lens Flare
:iconmorbid-sheep: - Fractals
Sky - my own
glitter01 Thank you for the fav! glitter01 
Charm by IvannaDark
:Heart Thank You:  Jumping Sheep Thank you so much for all superb stocks!!!Jumping Sheep:Heart Thank You: 
:iconmasyon: - BG
:iconastoko: - Sky
:icongloree: - Diamond Earrings
:iconnathies-stock: - Dust Brushes… - Lamb… - Сlothing… - Rowan, Bullfinch
MysterySkkullsGHOST heartl-emoticonFavMysterySkkullsGHOST heartl-emoticon 
Symbol of the Year by IvannaDark
Symbol of the Year
In Russia are revered symbols-talismans of the Chinese calendar) New Year in East Asia - year of azure-blue wooden sheep (goat), it will start from 19.02.2015Chinese Zodiac: Ram emote 
:snowflake: revamp :sheep: Heart Thank you sooo much for all marvelous, wonderful stocks!!! Heart :sheep: :snowflake: revamp 
:iconmimose-stock: Zauberwald VIII - BG
:iconaustriaangloalliance: Signs Of Spring - FG and snow on the roof
:icondani221: Santa's office, Nicer sky - House
:iconmithgariel-stock: Very snowwy Tartu 26 - Bridge
:iconpaulinemoss: Stars - Stars
:iconvirgolinedancer1: Christmas tree - New Year Tree… - Snowy New Year Tree 
Child from lenagold… - Lambs
:iconnathies-stock: Dust Brushes - Dust Brushes
SH heart 2 50  Sheepish Emote :iconvicing001::iconvicing002::iconvicing003: Sheepish Emote  SH heart 2 50 
New Year's Eve by IvannaDark
New Year's Eve
:iconcraciun3:  Custom heart [Royal Blue] Custom heart [Royal Blue] Custom heart [Royal Blue] :iconhholidays1plz::iconhholidays2plz::iconhholidays3plz::iconhholidays4plz:Custom heart [Royal Blue] Custom heart [Royal Blue] Custom heart [Royal Blue]  :iconcraciun3:
Fireworks :iconhappynewyearplz: Fireworks 
   :santarock:  Deerling (Spring):icondw817snowflake2plz: Thanks alot for all superb stocks!!!:icondw817snowflake2plz:Deerling (Spring) :santarock: 
   Crazy Winter Holiday BallsCrazy Winter Holiday BallsCrazy Winter Holiday BallsCrazy Winter Holiday BallsCrazy Winter Holiday BallsCrazy Winter Holiday BallsCrazy Winter Holiday BallsCrazy Winter Holiday BallsCrazy Winter Holiday BallsCrazy Winter Holiday Balls

:iconaretestock: MK MS Christmas 2006 37 - Street
Animal Kingdom at Night 63 - Christmas Tree
MK Cinderella Castle Xmas 13 - Garland
4th of July Fireworks Stock 1 - Fireworks
:iconthestockwarehouse: Courthouse 2009 Christmas Decorations - House
:iconwdwparksgal-stock: Canfield Fireworks 2009 21- Firework
:iconemilyemilybeth: Snow Texture -  Falling Snow 1
:iconmoosplauze: Snow Texture IV 5184 x 3456 Pixels - Falling Snow 2
:icondaz-3d: Winter 2 ( not sure.. uploaded a long time ago)- Snow Brushes  
:icongreentunic: Fractal Pack 4 Fractal Pack 5 - Sparkles, Glow
People - private photo

Mrs. Claus employment Thank you for the fav!  Mrs. Claus employment 

~~:iconblacksparklesplz::iconexclamationmarkplz:Copyright 5 by Th3EmOo:iconexclamationmarkplz::iconblacksparklesplz:~~

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